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Do Consumers Really Want to Schedule Auto Repair Appointments Online?

How can a consumer schedule an auto repair appointment 24/7? He/She might notice something wrong with their car at 8:00PM when repair shops are closed and will need to wait until they open to make an appointment. How can a person that has a hearing disability schedule an auto repair appointment? Making a phone appointment might be a difficult task for them. Any new technology needs to solve a problem if it is to be successful. But do consumers really want to make online auto repair appointments?

A survey conducted by onlinmechanix.com of 200 consumers through an independent survey service indicates that YES consumers do want to make online auto repair appointments. Nearly 75% of consumers believe that being able to schedule online repair appointments with their local auto repair shop is important/very important. Consumers want  24/7 flexibility to schedule auto repair appointments. Online auto repair appointments are getting to be the norm and if your auto repair shop does not offer it, you may be in trouble. One of the criteria by which Auto Inc. chose its top 10 Automotive Repair Web sites was that it had to have online appointment scheduling. “Online appointment scheduling is also a great way for shops to improve their customer service offerings”, said Ray James. Providing online appointment scheduling can only help your business and can only make it easier for consumers to do business with your shop.

But are online appointments the only online service consumers want? According to the onlinemechanix.com’s independent survey 68% of consumers would like access to their vehicle service history online. Consumers now have to keep receipts over the many years they own their car to keep a complete vehicle service history. Online service history records makes things much easier for the consumer.

There are services out there that offer both online appointment scheduling and vehicle history reports online. An auto repair shop needs to compare pricing, customer service and ease of use before they make a decision. Some services are tied directly to your shop scheduling system and others are a totally separate scheduling system. The shop owner needs to decide which system is best for his or her needs. Auto repair shops have phone in and walk in appointments as well as emergency situations so the flexibility of a separate system may be most appropriate. Whichever one is chosen it can only help you in your business.

Share your stories of scheduling auto repair appointments online:

  1. July 26, 2012 at 1:00 am

    online scheduling is a very useful tool. You can make the appointment whenever you feel like it. I know that when i have to schedule something i often forget about it until it’s too late to call so online scheduling is one of the best resources available to me.

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